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Nov 26, 2006
N. Calif. Redding
I thought the experts here in the 25 section might be able to advise me on this. I have a guy with a wrecked 69 that is parting it out and things are going pretty cheep. I don't need or want most of them but bought a few things with trading in mind later on down the road:). Friday I go back and pull a few parts if anything is left. What I'm going to look for is the "under the dash" vacuume 4WD levers and brackets. If he still has it is it something that is Rare or is it easily located if you need to get one. In other words if I spend $5 or $10 on it will be wasting my money. He might still have the rear doors and the dash knobs. He told me he would cut the entire dash out (minus the instrements) for 30 bucks. All OE switches might be worth it.

I already got a set of jump seats (long), chrome hood thing, front apron emblems, read door to the top complete in great working order, a hood hinge.
Rod why are you looking for 69 under dash vacuums stuff ? I think retrofitting to 69 linkage It would be a lot of trouble for little gain if any.

65 should be through the dash Vacuum stuff and easy to find for very little $$ Sorry to say, most people trough away that stuff away.

The 69 knobs different from the 65 as well.

just wondering. :meh:
trading material for later on! I should have made that clear. Not trading 69 parts for the ones on my 65 but maybe trading something off the 69 to someone for sometning I need for my 65. Parts in this area are VERY hard to come by so I pick up stuff if I get the chance.

Most of what I've bought so far I can use until I find the real part for my 65. Like the rear door will complete the hard top that I will use until I get a set of bows and a soft top. The jump seats are strictly for trading.
Sorry i miss understood :confused: yep trading fodder, I did get most of my parts by trading, Buying, and sell, got parts free, Bought from board members on the Parts/Wanted section on MUD It took over a year to a three screw Rear view mirror. and a nice interior lamp some rare clean cluster parts from Mark A
WOW a year for the mirror! that's one of the parts I want. I have one with the glass broken out so maybe I'll just try to cut a new mirror and glue it in.
I do believe 65-66 are the same rear view mirrors ?
The first mirror I bought from TLC came with a windshield frame and wiper motors the whole frame came damaged in shipping only the frame was useable :mad: and had to be repaired the second came from a mud member in great shape and I had to cut a temporary mirror for it though, I still need a glass one. I suggested to Mark one time If someone could cut replacement mirror glass for early cruisers.
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If it has eyebolts on the dash, for the door straps, grab them and PM me. I need them. Well maybe not need but want.

If it has eyebolts on the dash, for the door straps, grab them and PM me. I need them. Well maybe not need but want.


If he has 4 I'll share. I looked and he didn't have any out in the open but I'll dig around. The back was full of stuff the last time I was there.

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