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Nov 26, 2006
San Antonio.
I have a two year old xd9000i that I want to trade. I got a good deal on it and thought it would fit my ARB bumper but I was wrong. I live in the Spokane area and would prefer someone within a couple hours driving distance to work the trade.

I want a xd9000, m10000 or m8000
Curious, what's the major differences between the two? I think that the fj40 I'm picking up next week has the xd9000, and am curious if the 9000i has any benefits? (I live in Spokane too.)
My understanding is that the two are the same except the 9000i has the integrated solenoid box built in the case. The way ARB designed the winch to attach to my bumper the solenoid box would be right in my radiator.

The only benefits to you would be one, if the winch you get has been well used then this one is low mileage (so to speak). And two, aesthetically I like the 9000i better when mounted on an open bumper as it looks cleaner

As you get more details let me know. I'll make sure you are satisfied with the deal.
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Just picked up the new 40 last night and it also has the 9000i. Sorry.

I do have a 9000lb Superwinch on my 80 I'd toy with working a trade on if your 9000i would fit my bumper.
I'm not opposed to working a trade if it would bolt on but let me try my other options first.

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