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Jul 2, 2002
Posted by Thrillbillie on the RMLCA list this morning:

Im sending an invite out to all my esteemed colleagues in the RMLCA to join me on an unconventional trip i have planned in August. The Plan is to do the Forestry trunk road from Grande Prairie South to the Crowsnest pass. Allan and I have picked a week to do this, as that's the only time all summer our shift schedules sync up and we don't have to book holidays. The plan is to meet near Grande Prairie the evening of August 17th and carry on south on hiway 40 until the 22nd when we both have to be at work the next day. I know its a Wednesday to Monday, but that's the trouble guys like us deal with working the shifts we do. Hopefully all you 9 to 5ers can work around this.

The trip will be Expedition style, with only short, mild wheeling side trips. I suspect this will eventually be the only kind of enjoyment we will get out of our trucks one day as the Government continues to close all our favorite areas. (but lets hope not) This will be more about the enjoyment of a campfire cooking and camping in the wilds of Alberta. road conditions will be rough, washboardy and dusty

The rules...Must be self sufficient, (groceries, Fuel etc) No trailer queens, no buggies, no mandatory tire size, no lockers required, no winners, nobody joins late and nobody bails early. The last 2 are loose rules because i can't guarantee were we will be on any given night. I have no solid goals for a nightly destination other than we hope to camp off road each night and stay away from the government run sites.

Some things you can expect to see on this run... Military trailers, rooftop tents, Camera's, wildlife, fish cops, fire look out towers, roof racks, broken/wore out truck parts, dust, windshield dings, alcohol fueled stories around the campfire, good eats cooked over the fire (maybe a Turkey or wings), mud, rocks, natives, band aids, flat tires, hurt feelings, broken lawn chairs, nipple clamps, booster cables, ARB fridges, underhood showers, guns, knives and popcorn

Have i peaked any ones interest?
Nov 9, 2006
taupo, new zealand
good idea

sounds fantastic, its our coldes and wetist time of year , summer wheeling in august ... nice
Jun 3, 2007
Hmmm.... Damn 1800 kms.


Tho at sumbitch in ayer!
Mar 16, 2003
Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
The portion from GP to hwy 40 is boring generally, but there are some beautiful campsites and they are usually empty and clean. South from Hinton to Nordegg is really nice, some of my favorite fishing spots ever.

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