Toyota Repair Shop on Irving Park & Pulaski?

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I've driven past there a dozen times, but I've never brought any of my trucks there. I did call him many years back to see if he would work on my old FJ40 and he seemed reluctant, but don't base the quality of the shop on my experience.

What kind of work do you need done?
Hmmmm.....thats in my hood. I'll check it out. Looking for a stock master cylinder. Anyone with a spare 62 MC? LOL

What color 60 do you drive One More Time? I saw a decent red one near Lincoln and Bryn Mawr.
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I've seen that red one before too...near Belmont and Damen. It looks stock on 33'.

Mine is dark blue.
He seems like an honest guy, had him do some driveshaft work on my rover.
he also has a monthly newsletter.

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