Toyota 3lt Fact turbo,intercooled motor gearbox. (1 Viewer)

Oct 19, 2005
Kalgoorlie,Western Aust.
Hi guys,im in australia,2hrs from melbourne,my local wrecker which i know quite well doesn't own a computer,only a small yard ran by himself,he's just a honest country bloke.
Anyway he was showing me a car he's dismantling,great motor etc and its all their,so i said i'd post it up here and see if anyone is interested as it is a ripper for a conversion.
It is a 3litre factory turbo and intercooled motor in a 2001 toyota prado,motors called a 1KZ-TE,gearbox is 5sp manual,R151F,its all complete still in the car,you can have as much wiring out of the car as you want,computers etc come with it of course,its done 111,000klm and has just had the timing belt done at 105,000 klm,lift the bonnet and the motor still looks new.
Heres the good bit,he's only talking about $7000 aust,he will get it all ready and ship it to melbourne for this price,you have to pay sea freight from melbourne to your destination.
We are talking everything on the motor too,as it would run in a car,air con, alt,etc etc.
If anyone is serious i can take photos.

my computer has a virus and is going in to be fixed tomorrow so i might be offline for at worst 2 days.

its cheap,pm me if your interested.

cheers goldchaser

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