Toy Run & Trail Clean Up in VT in Oct by Northeast Flatlanders (1 Viewer)

Sep 16, 2012

A friend and I donated toys, 4 wheeled, and helped clean up a trail in VT that was full of tires, old TVs, bed springs, etc. in Oct. We used our tow straps to wind them through 10 or 15 tires at a time and pulled them out of the woods, maybe 150 or so in total, besides the other items. We left the old boat where it sat and now the trail is called the "boat trail" which is many many miles from anywhere the boat could float! Yes, strange!

We had a great time, collected toys for kids, camped in snow, enjoyed the company of like minded off roaders, and helped the public's opinion of off roaders. Great roaring camp fires, good food, great scenery, and VT!

VT is a scenic and wheelng mecca.

They will do it again next year; so will I if at all possible.

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