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Hi All,

I am in the process of looking for an fj40 and have a question about towing with one of these. Will I have a problem towing a 6 by 10 utility trailer with 2 atv's with an fj with the stock 6 cylinder or should I be looking for an fj with a v8 transplant? The distances I would be towing would never be any more than 50 miles round trip to the mountains. Thanks for any help.

Also if anyone has one for sale could you please let me know. I have a budget of around $11,000 and would prefer one with minimal rust issues, is this realistic in this price range? Thanks.



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Mar 9, 2007
HUH ? Oh..... CT
Towing should not be a problem for that distance... stoping may be.
Get trailer brakes, one panic stop and you will be glad you did. I have a landscape business and we tow all the time.

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