Torsion Bars set up or adjustment

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Oct 8, 2009
Margate, Florida.
Good day guys,

I am the owner of a 2000 LX470. Did have the upper and lower control arms replaced. When I saw the LX the vehicle was leaning towards the driver's side. Mechanic at that time did adjust both torsion bars in order for the vehicle to be leveled. As I left I did noticed that the front does make a sound when going over a bump, or if the vehicle is parked and I get into it, it does make a sound. Figured it would be based on the CA's being new, the noise had decreased a bit, however, it is still there and it drives me nuts.

Is there a way to know whether or not the TB's are properly adjusted? The truck sits leveled. Did put PB blaster on all the areas underneath the vehicle.....


If you still have the AHC, you have to measure the Neutral Pressure after confirming that the height on both sides are within specs. That will tell if the TBs are adjusted correctly to take their portion of the load.

The squeek might be from some rubber grommets. If they are OE rubber, they should not be lubed, and not be able to move against the steel. All movement within the rubber. If you have synthetic (PU) bushings, they have to be lubed in order to shut up.
Otherwise, the ball joints will squeek if they are dry (as a result of a ruptured boot). The sound is detectable before any slack.
How could I measure the neutral pressure? Is there a gauge? By looking at the fluid container? The rubber you are talking about is it from thr control arms or the torsion bars. The only parts that were replaced were the control arms (aftermarket) on both sides, upper and lower. Thanks fornyour help on this matter
search and read this forum. there are dozens of threads on these issues.

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