Top cap removal on a 1966 FJ45 LPB

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1965 FJ45 LPB original second owner
Feb 1, 2012
Southern Oregon
Hello, I am new here and looking for some help from the experts regarding the top cap removal on a 1966 FJ45 LPB "new to me". I am going to replace the rubber gaskets and the headliner. I have noticed that the small bolts that hold the top cap on seem to be rusted a bit. I have not tried to loosen them yet, but I am concerned that they may snap off. Any advise on the best way to proceed.


I suggest to find yourself some penetrating spray oil for the bolts such as WD40 or liquid wrench or anything to do the job of softening up the rust prior to bolt removal. I wait a few days after applying the spray when I attempt removal of server rusted bolts. If they continue on being very hard to remove give very small turns with a wrench back and forth one time to help loosen the scale on the threads and add a bit more of the spray and then wait a bit more. Just do not start ratcheting to fast as the bolt will heat and then snap off.
Its a matter of patients and feel.
When completed find some stainless steel replacement bolts and clean out the treads and hole.
If they snap your only choice is to drill the stud out or use a Easy out stud remover.
Good luck
I screw a nut on any exposed threads around the top to help clean the threads. Seems half the time the bolt breaks after it's already started to unthread. That is because of all the crap on exposed thread. Clean that off and you have a better chance of it not breaking.
WD40 is your friend. Like the others said use wd and wait a day. Do it again and after you turn the bolt a little ways, do it again. I have learned to have great patience with rusty bolts. Use the crap of WD.
Buy some Kroil if you don't already have some.
Thanks, I will get some Kroil. I think I read that a good place to get Kroil is a John Deere tractor dealer.
loctite also has a new product, freeze and release, that works kickass. as mentioned, tho, clean the exposed threads. i tested it on a bolt holding a bump stop on my "decade in the midwest" 80 and it cracked it loose no problem, but i did snap it off about 7 threads in or so. the other side, the bolts both snapped off the minute i touched them. also took an o2 sensor nut off with no issues.

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