Wanted Toolbox lid

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Nov 20, 2005
Stockholm, Sweden
Hi t
I am missing the lid for my toolbox, was about place a bid last night on Ebay but the seller did not accept international bidders so i ended up emptyhanded :crybaby:
The auction ended at 7.88$ !!! Does anyone have a spare that are for sale?
Best regards Sören
I am in Sweden, but since US is the promised land of FJ40s i have no other choice than to search for parts over there. :) The 40 series were never imported to Sweden by Toyota back then. Only a couple of BJ45 in early 80s.
Hope i didnt scare you with my origin ;) . USPS will deliver and i have a paypal account. I also have a address on a shippingcompany called JetCarrier in New Jersey.
Best regards Sören in Stockholm Sweden

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