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Jan 12, 2006
St. Louis, MO
So I'd like to finally swap out my 295/85/16 BFG A/Ts this month. I'm thinking a larger tire, but not one that would require a new lift beyond my OME medium lift.

I know MoJ and WFD have gone this direction recently, and I think STLCruiser is also making comparisons. So, please let me know your thoughts and where you made your purchase locally.

Also, what's the deal with the taller, skinnier tires?
Locally I purchased from Riechers in Washington. They are local and have been in business since the early 1900's. The price is the same if you include shipping installation from online sources. Plus if there's a problem. You actually have someone to take the tire to. Ask for Matt or Gary. Stl Cruiser and MoJ recently went there.

Tall and skinny chicks sink, fat chicks float. I think the wider footprint is better for our soft, non-draining clay soils which we encouter frequently on the trail, espescially at Washita. . I'm fine with my 315's, the biggest performance loss occured when I sold my p/u truck and purchased the LC.
Do we have a list of what tires the group members are running currently? If everyone wants to email me, I'll post up a list. I currently run the BFG A/T 285/75/16 and I figure I'll go with at least a 295 and probably a 315 tire. I haven't decided on the brand yet, but I'll certainly be looking at the options chosen by StlCruiser and WFD (both of whom recently chose new tires).

And if StlCruiser is willing to drive to Washington for tires, I guess I can too :)

Did you guys go with just four or all five for the spare too? And finally, what was the final bill so I know what to expect?

Oh yeah, can I get those with white walls?
I usually buy 5 for the 80 and include the spare in the rotation pattern. This keeps the spare the same size as the others which keeps the 80's viscous coupler happy.

If you go with a 315 you'll want to space the rear bumpstops down. It's a 15 min job. The spacers are $40 or you can easily make your own like wfd did. The downside is you loose a little flex. I'm not convinced it's enough to make a difference for recreational wheelers like me.

The BFG A/T's (or most any A/T) will last a lot longer than the Toyo MT's. I don't DD my 80 so I'm still on the set of Toyo I bought a few years ago. wfd might chime in as to how many mile he got out of his last set.
I installed the toyo 305/70 mt's and honestly couldnt be happier. I have been running them for a few months now. They perform very well for me and look awesome. The 5th one under the back of the truck looks pretty cool too. I know a lot of people on here dont seem to care for them, but I will definitely be going with the same tire in a larger size when it is time. Firestone on chippewa came though for me for 235.00 each but it did take a week to get them from Texas.

The only negative thing I can say about them is that they are so heavy they brought my mileage down from 14.8 to 13.3

I took the truck to the 4x4 park in fulton the week I installed them and ended up sticking it in some ruts from someone who obviously had 44's. I installed the locker in the rear today and plan on taking on those same ruts this weekend :hillbilly:

I am running a repair shop on south kingshighway now so if of you guys need any help with anything feel free to let me know. I have a brand new tire machine that needs some breaking in as well.

The 5th one under the back of the truck looks pretty cool too. I know a lot of people on here dont seem to care for them, but I will definitely be going with the same tire in a larger size when it is time.


I've never read any negative comments about the Toyo's. What have people said. I definately like mine. So much I bought another set.
I too have used Riechers and they are always quite reasonable in price. They are also one of the only tire places around that can balance tires 35" and up.

As for tires, you kind of need to decide if you want a mud terrain tire or an all terrain tire. The muds will give you much better off road performance but you lose on road manners and they wear faster. As for mud tires, the Toyo M/T's seem to be popular with the FJ80 guys but they're also the most expensive. :confused: The BFG muds are like old faithful. Also Cooper has a Discoverer STT that is similar in design to the Toyo. Hankook Tire is new to the light ruck market but they have recieved really good reviews with their Dynapro MT and AT tires. If you want an all terrain then the BFG's are again a safe bet. Nitto makes a Tera grappler that has good reviews as does the Toyot open country A/T
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Anybody heard anything bad about Mastercraft Courser AT's? I bought some 35's last year, supposidly made by Cooper Tire, $600. out the door, mtd and balanced ( 4 tires ). Al

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