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Apr 26, 2019
New to the GX470 as I just got a 2007 model Monday. Trying to figure out which tires to get. Everything is currently factory, no lift and stock wheels. I'm thinking that a 275/70R-17 will fit with no modifications???? Also seeing how the majority of the time will be spent on paved roads looking for a good tire suggestion. I've ran Firestone Destination 2 on 4runner but hear good things about Goodrich KO2. Any suggestions? Thanks
If you like skinny tall tires in approximate 32.1” diameter by 10” width, the 255/75R17s are really good and fit in spare location. No rubbing reported with these.

If you want fatter tires, then the 275/70R17s are approximately 32.2” tall by 10.8” width. Most people say they fit, but you might have slight rubbing that can easily be fixed. These fit in spare location as well.

Stock oem tires are 30.6” tall by 10.4” wide just for reference.

I’m running Nitto Ridge Grapplers and I really like them. Look aggressive and perform well.
Wrangler Duratracs or K02s. Make sure you measure the inside of wheel/tire for rubbing on. 25mm offset. You should be fine but worth checking out.
Lots of tires including the ones mentioned so far come in various loads including P, C, D, or E.

If you are going for the better gas mileage on pavement, then go for the P tires hat look like car tires not the LT truck tires.
I also have the Ridge Grapplers (285/70r17) on factory rims and I am very pleased with them. I wheeled them for the first time this weekend and they did great.

What do you want to do with your truck and what do you expect out of your tires? What type of terrain when off pavement?
I'm rolling on Bridgestone's newish Dueler 3, 255/75r17 load range C. To me, these are an almost ideal tire for primarily street/DD while still being able to do some modest offroad work. They ride very well and are extremely quiet onroad; weight is ~40 lbs so no penalty on acceleration or braking. You probably won't get many instagram bros giving you love; I prefer practicality and suitability.

One downside I didn't realize before buying is they have no rim lip protection.
I had Cooper AT3's on my Durango and they were great. They were quiet, wore well, and inexpensive

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