tips on reattaching air rail--thoughts on sealants?

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Sep 23, 2003
I picked up a new air rail for my 2F engine, as my previous was leaky from rust holes.

When I reattach the rail, should I use any sealant on the threads? There are two threads, the first inserts a tube into the head, the second, attaches the rail to those tubes. Or, should I just chase the threads, clean them up a bit and tighten them down dry?

Thanks in advance.
I tightened them down dry. It honestly didn't even cross my mind to use a sealant. It has worked really well for me.
I never use sealant on them. Never had (or seen or heard of) a leak from this point. A little antisieze wouldn't hurt. But I wouldn't worry about it if I didn't have any handy. Never seen one stuck either.

Then again, the air rail fittings on the head tend to be VERY fragile, and break when trying to take the rail off, and that's without sealant. I would say to not use any sealant at all due to this fact alone.
Well, antiseize seems to be the way to go, but not sealants.

What got me thinking about this was my use of teflon tape on the temp sensor. Of course this tape is inappropriate in a high heat setting like the air rail....I was just checking.

Thanks guys.

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