Timing Cover coolant leak

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Jan 20, 2010
I just put a new engine(22r) in my 87 pickup and because the timing cover on the new engine was more worn than the old engine's timing cover I swapped the two.

Now the new engine runs great, but there is coolant leaking from the side (left side if you're facing the motor) of the timing cover.

So my question is, was it a bad idea to swap the covers? Should I put the old timing cover back on to resolve the problem (it is worn, but not worn through), or should I just pull the new timing cover, put RTV on it, and put it back on.

Other things that may be important: I did torque all the bolts, and I did put new gaskets on the timing cover.

Is it leaking from the left side, as in the tube that is bolted to the cover, the waterpump, or the actual timing cover? If your not sure, I would diagnose first... I remember on my first couple of rebuilds i never could get that tube to seal to the cover...
If I wipe away the part where the coolant seems to be leaking from it seems to bleed right back out from the same spot. The spot is on the left side where the cover is against the block, below the where the pipe comes in from the back...

I will check that pipe as well though later today.
Okay it definitely looks like there is coolant coming from the left hand side of the cover.
If you have a straight edge, you can set both covers down and see which one is the flattest.

On the gaskets- I've never had luck with Fel-Pro timing cover gaskets. Intake/Head gaskets have never leaked, but the exhaust/timing cover gaskets seem to leak frequently.
So when I pull the timing cover back off... Would you recommend using rtv on both sides along with or instead of the gasket? or what else do you think might work?


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