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Jan 21, 2021
Istanbul, TR
Hello everyone from Istanbul TR, this is my first post but since long time I'm reading this forum and find all the discussions very very helpful.

I've read many threads about timing belt and water pump things on these 2UZ engines. I have one. It's 2001 2UZFE 100 Series, 115.000 kms on the clock. (approx. 71.000 miles) Which's loaded and modified a bit for long trails. All the previous owners are well known and vehichle has a full history of maintenance at dealership. Then after a short and easy investigation I've discovered that timing belt has never changed. Yes, since 21 years, never. I by myself removed the timing belt cover, to inspect it visually but from that tiny gap all seems fine. There are many videos on youtube that some are looking the belt, if its not cracked they just leave it, which is maybe allright.

Then I checked my manuel, which is for EU market probably, it says change timing belt every 150.000 kms (approx 90.000 miles) but didn't mentioned any time limitations.(US market says 90.000 miles or 6 years I believe, right?) Belt looks OK, so I maybe could be OK with it, leave it as it is, vehicle is running fine.

I'm a bit handy on these mechanic things and then I started to think... 20+ years comes a bit odd to me, It is 1/5 of a century. Yes maybe belt never breaks and I have low mileage but the gasket of water pump, belts flexibility, tensioners... Sometimes I think its just a metal and rubber, leave it, but sometimes my V8 appears like a grenade....

So let's take it short, everything removed, then I inspected the belt, it didn't make me feel in good shape. I am sorry for bad English I don't know the exact word to describe it but when I squeeze it in between my fingers, it's chipping off rubber like dust. And also seen some structural damage at inside of the belt, the surface which touches the cam gears.

So ok then, I am happy, I'll install a new one, but another thing draw attention, which is timing... it was a bit off. Very tiny, one tooth... But never ever done anything to the engine, we've concluded that its due to belt extension... Maybe not, I don't know %100 of the correct reason. But sure that factory won't let that engine go off the line like that. Something happened and jumped.

I never had water leakage, overheat or anything related to that. All was fine. But after we look at the pump, It probably had a tedency to leak, gasket was about to go. I don't know again, it maybe never will break off... In the pics, here I am sharing them for you.

Jumped timing at the passenger side, the belt, water pump gasket the area that I marked in red. And also the throttle body, nasty, lots of carbon build up.

This may help if some there hesitant. I don't say that I saved an engine was about bend valves, but yeah, it might. Sleep in peace then...


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