Tick Season's Lasting a bit longer w/ more of 'em?

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Aug 31, 2008
Eff'r wouldn't come out without a fight so I had to break out my benchmade and cut her out. Female Dog Tick picked up tonight in Fremont.


This one actually got some dinner, we've been seeing an increase in #'s down here compared to the year before, maybe because it's been so wet??
Out here in the sticks, I've been seeing tons of 'em, especially when we had that heat wave in, like, April, before the rains. I think they all got active about then, and got rained out of the trees. Been yankin' 'em off my dogs and cats like it's going out of style.

Oddly enough, it looks like all the most recent cold and wet's really chased them all away, though, because I haven't picked up any since I started hiking again in May.

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