Thule boxes

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May 3, 2017
San Antonio, TX
Has anyone had good luck with these going off road? I have repaired mine one time due to cracking. I took it out again and I have developed an additional crack. I am not sure if I did not see it the first time or if these things are not meant to be on top of a cruiser when off pavement. I have considered a rack but I like the aerodynamics and the ability to keep items mostly dry.
@TXSunDevil I've seen a lot of those boxes crack. If you can get a flat rack, I kind of like the idea of having front runner style boxes secured near the rear of the vehicle on the roof. My next project is to make a flat low-profile roof rack that is mounted between the factory rails (or full replacement) on my LX470, so we can haul our tent and maybe a couple of boxes on the roof.
I fixed the latest crack with PVC cement and it held up to a few days off road. I would really like a flat rack but being able to keep the dirt and wind off of sleeping bags is nice. The box has not made too much of a difference with mileage either. I hope it doesn't crack again.

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