Throttles, ECU's and More on VDJ Cruisers [ADVICE NEEDED]

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Sep 19, 2020
G'day Mudders!

Been a quiet observor for years on all things you legends talk about and here's my first of many threads to trouble you lot with. (Let me know if it's a repost of the same topic, too!)

So my question to you all is, are those pre-dashlift VDJ76/78/79's equipped with mechanical throttles (via cables) as oppose to electronic ones?

My uncle has a 2010 Troopy with the updated dashboard. He has run into what he describes as a "throttle drop" three times now where the power delivered would drop noticeably compared to normal times in response to the same amount of throttle applied.

He took his 78 into Toyota after the first instance and had it tested. Initially, they claimed that it was likely an ECU f*ck-up after a drive around, but when he went back to pick up the car in the afternoon they said it was all fine despite the car now drove as normal with noticeably more grunt...

And when the "drop" happened again and for the third time, he took her in and had her fixed for free again with little diagnosis Toyota was seemingly willing to offer apart from "it was fine". Given the fact that my uncle doesn't speak much English, I suppose people at What A Feeling would just go "we'll run a test and see what is wrong with the car" and later at pick-up "nah nah it was all good and it is definitely good to go now". But that's beside the point.

So yeah as I am looking to buy my own 70 series, I wonder if those earlier models of VDJ's had cabled throttles instead of electronic ones with ECU's. Or did they come with ECU's anyway bar the electronic receiver bit at the throttle end. Deeply confused.

I tried to google it myself but nothing really came up exactly the way I was expecting, so I guess I'll turn to the wisdoms of you ledges.

Any advice, directions, mocking will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

All VDJ79 landcruisers have ECUs and an electronic throttle. Even older ones do. I see nothing to really fear in them, 1998 and up have electronic throttles.

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