Thoughts on what to focus on?!


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Nov 4, 2011
Carson City, NV
Oh yeah she is in need of new tires so that will happen regardless of the time of sale.
Things I know of that need to be fixed...
- Rear side markers don't light up (never have) believe the bulbs need to be replaced
- Knuckles are wet, not leaking but may have a seep somewhere
- Oil pan/plug needs to be replaced as plug does not seat properly and leaks like a sive without RTV
- Oil on flywheel pan, again since ownership, believe that rear main has slight leak
- Noticed recently that rear pinion is wet, probably time for a new rear pinion seal
- Need to wire inclino-meter for power and light
- Need to finish cut-n-buff as well as a couple spots of bad paint (didn't adhere well).

Other than that, main thing is that interior has always been somewhat ratty. Door panel vinyl is torn/cracks on all doors due to sun damage but that is more cosmetic than anything (was thinking about trying to recreate door panels myself). Currently waiting for one of Jason's (@TRAIL TAILOR) AC Bezel replacements as mine is completely shot.
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