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Nov 11, 2006
I Must Say Thank you to Chicago for use of his Garage as it let me get my rear drivline fixed Your Awsome Keith and im always glad to help out But most of all Thanks for use of your shop on short notice we made it hgome np at all and very little Vibration in the rear drivline Thanks again bro need anything or help just Holler

Dan :cheers::steer::bounce::bounce2:
Ok BTW the details here is John rolled his truck about 230 am Saturday Morning at MoonRocks heres a few pics this is the damage done to John Truck nobody was hurt always a plus in my book
Not a prblem at all!
Glad that I can help a brother out. Lord knows that Ive needed it lately.
Glad you got home okay.

Nice damage...

I'm guessing it went over more than once? Been awhile since I seen one with both sides caved in that hard.
Yes it did went over twice but noone hurt and just had an Awsome weekend all around and np at all Keith very much appreciated for sure and like i said you need any help just holler and ill do what i can to help out in anyway i can

Dan :cheers::steer::bounce::bounce2:

Are you going to try and fix it or find another truck and transfer everything over to it?


As long as the people were able to walk away from this, I could care less about the truck. After the people are taken care of, then you can worry about the truck. I think now, that is why I, and probably most of us, drive what we drive. We have all seen accidents where the land cruiser/truck did what it was supposed to do and kept its owner alive and in reasonably good shape. The truck might have died, but it died saving its owner and thats all that matters.

Now, on to truck stuff. I like the 80 series wheels on the truck :D

Well the Cowboy convertable and Exo are allready in the works we are gathering pipe tubing and what not so we can do that John drove the truck home like that from Stead to Fallon so its all good its Toyota Tough no doubt. and BTW i killed the front leaf springs on my rig so ill be doing the shackle reversal now hehe on the 40 and adding to my cage as well

Dan :cheers::steer::bounce::bounce2:

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