This truck is bulletproof!

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Apr 6, 2012
Greenwood, AR
So after smashing my truck around a good deal at 100's in Hills, and driving all the way back home (2200 altogether)...I can't help but think that my truck is a total badass! Sure I had to winch up the wall, and needed some spotters to get past a couple other points, but this thing with all the armor weights over 6K! It sits high enough that in a collision with another vehicle, I would be scared for the other car! Other that doing something stupid like trying to bounce over an obstacle (paflytyer) or the like...I see no reason to doubt this machine will last until I give to my 8 year old for his 16th birthday.
That's why I drive one in Dallas traffic everyday for my 30 mile commute back and forth to work. I want the best protection in a crash and the ability to drive around/thru/over whatever gets in my way so I can make it back home in one piece every night.
If I'm in my car I usually drive too fast, but if I'm in the Cruiser I am tempted to go off road to get around traffic. Maybe I just need to buy a prius.... :rolleyes:
Not quite bullet proof when you have the starter go or the ignition rod break - I have been stranded (locally) three times for these things, but the starter did warn me each time and I ignored it until failure.
Definitely Prii. No question.
I see no reason to doubt this machine will last until I give to my 8 year old for his 16th birthday.

Haha, that's the exact same plan we have for our 8 yr old daughter! She gets the LC, wife gets a Tesla so she can still carpool our youngest, and I get a 911.

Er, hold on...
^heck, i'm thinking i can pass mine down to my 2 month old when he's old enough! just look at how many fj40s and early Cruiser wagons get passed along through the generations!

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