For Sale Thinking about selling my '93 FJZ80 182k $4500 (1 Viewer)

Jun 30, 2010
United States
I've got a '93 FJZ80 with 182k on it. I bought it last year to take the family on a beach vacation (before the TLC I had a long succession of old Suburbans). I bought the truck from a friend of the original owner. Other than my excursions on sand, I doubt it's seen much time off-road; both the original owner and the guy I bought it from used it as a New England commuting vehicle, as well as to go skiing.

The TLC is bronze with a hounds-tooth cloth interior. Has the third seat and the big sunroof. I resurrected the air conditioning, replacing the condenser and evaporator console with used components from, flushing all the lines, draining the compressor, installing the right amount of the right kind of compressor oil, and recharging it. A prior owner had converted it to R134, and I stayed with it. It blows nice and cold. I replaced all fluids. The front transaxle fluid didn't come out like a milkshake or like soup; it looked fine. The truck starts right up and runs great. It does not have the independently-locking front and rear diffs. I bought the switch to allow center lockup in 4wd high but haven't installed it yet. The radiator and PHH had been recently changed by the previous owner. I repaired a power steering leak and inspected the paperclip.

It is a handsome vehicle, the bronze paint and hounds-tooth interior being both in generally good condition. There is one spot of rust-through on the left rocker panel, and a bit of surface rust on the ubiquitous spot on the rear hatch, and on the gas cap lid.

I found and installed a very cool vintage Con-Ferr roof rack with the classic round portals. that I've bolted to the stock rack and put in a floor of simple plastic lattice. In the photo, the rack is so chocked with boogie boards and fishing rods you can barely make out what it is.

I like the truck a lot, but a possible job change is causing me to change the tradeoff of toys versus cash in the bank. If I could get in the neighborhood of $4500 for it, I'd probably let it go. At the moment it is unregistered, sitting in my driveway in suburban Boston (zip 02465), which of course is ironic as hell that in the snowiest winter we've had in 15 years, the drive-through-anything 4wd vehicle has been off the road.

Interested parties can reach me on my cell at 617-365-8303.

Thanks. --Rob

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