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Aug 9, 2019
Indian Trail, NC
What’s up, guys? Some friends and I are planning to ship our trucks from the east coast to somewhere close to the Rubicon Trail (Reno? Sacramento?) and I was wondering if anyone had any experience doing this. Any recommended carriers? Any must-see’s while we’re out there?

The tentative plan is to ship the trucks out, spend three days or so running the trail, spend a day on Lake Tahoe, and ship the trucks back. We have also discussed shipping the trucks to Denver and driving the rest of the way, possibly hitting some other sites along the way. Any input or suggestions are welcomed.



Sep 17, 2006
Santa Rosa, CA
Reno or South Lake Tahoe or Truckee would be good destinations. There a million different little trucking companies. Since you are several rigs, you should be able to get an entire smaller rig. You can go through Uship, which is crazy because you'll get a lot of offers from people you don't know. There's a guy on mud who is a broker who can help - but his price wasn't great when I checked with him for my last move - but maybe he'll do better for you.

The drive from Denver to Salt Lake is great, but the drive from Salt Lake to Reno is a lot of nothing.

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