The Penultimate Motorsport Event...

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What Would Steve Zissou Do?
May 24, 2009
Mt Monadnock Region NH, US & Montezuma, Costa Rica
...Rally Dakar starts in 2 weeks.

See how many HDJ100s and VDJ200s you can spot! Toyota and Mini have really taken the lead over the past few years. And there are a almost a dozen Hilux this year too.

Until then here is a great video from last year:
Good racing so far
Man those pics are sweet. YT 80 build for SCORE stock class. Who's in?
Man those pics are sweet. YT 80 build for SCORE stock class. Who's in?
Been pondering building up a caged 80 or 100 for SCORE or NORRA for quite a while Problem is not many/any parts have developed for dessert racing for either, and they have pretty high CGs. A few years ago guy in San Diego built up an 80 for Baja 1000, he retired very early. Rolled in to canyon IIRC. Its on Pirate4X4 somewhere. For Land Cruiser a surrey top FJ40 with a 350 would be a better way to go.
I guess I was thinking high speed suspension wise. A coil sprung 80 would be a much smoother ride at 70 mph in the desert I would believe. Not sure my back and teeth could take that many miles of high speed leaf spring abuse. Either way it would be awesome!!!

I remember following that 80 build, and his crash. Yikes! Didn't he then build a Lexus?

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