The Official West Side Beering Thread . . .

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OffRoad Rage

Dry Roasted in the Desert
May 22, 2006
NW Valley
Gotta re-start this tradition some how . . . .
My idea is to start an organic thread for people to post up when they feel like calling together a group in the West Valley for solving the world's cruiser problems. Could be at a bar, a restaurant, a park, heck - even someone's house if they feel so inclined. There will be adult beverages involved (but as always, responsible consumption is encouraged). This does not mean that not consuming will be mocked or ridiculed. Bring your Toyota 4x4 or don't, or even something else equally cool that will grab our attention like a pretty bird.

West Side Beering is:
  • a casual extension of the BS sessions that take place at the month meetings and trail runs
  • not meant to alienate the East, North, or South siders - just carrying on a tradition that pre-dates my appearance in the club
  • not meant to take the place of the monthly meeting, but to supplement it
  • free form and not structured
  • open to anyone that frequents our forum
Now with that out there, gauging interest for tomorrow night since it appears many people will be at the West Expo. Thinking of a brewery on 83rd Ave between Beardsley and Deer Valley. I'll wait to see if people will show before I call and reserve a table.

What say you?
What time? I may be interested. Going to be in Prescott most of the day and have to work early on Sat, but might be able to make it work. I won't be bringing a cruiser though, all 3 are currently holding jack stands down.
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I'm always down for some beer consumption and LC chat but I'm in Palm Springs pretending to golf this weekend. Great idea though, count me in for future gatherings!
packing the camper tonight bud.
I'm out, apparently we had dinner plans I didn't know about. I would definitely be up for one of these in the future though
Ok, maybe not the perfect weekend for the rekindling of the WSB. Next weekend is the holiday weekend (following schools getting out) so I don't expect a lot of availability for people then either. Maybe the magic 5th Friday of the month might work (31st)?

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