the correct fuel filter?

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Aug 17, 2005
Hey All-

I got a new fuel filter at NAPA today for the 1981 FJ60. Is this the right filter?? If I rememeber correctly, this is the filter for earlier model FJ40s??

Can I even use it on the 60??

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You are correct, that is a 40 series filter. It will still filter fuel just fine for your 60 though. Looks like the parts dude forgot to ask if you had the station wagon or not.

I've had zero luck getting the right filter for 79-87 Cruiser from aftermarket sources.
I've tried most brands and the filters are either 1/4" line, or totally wrong (as above) or the fittings are not angled correctly or the plastic filter body is much smaller than stock, so it won't snap into the mounting clip...

I just buy them from Toyota now.

Thanks for the feedback. I actually have an OEM filter on the way but I thought I could use an aftermarket filter to hold us over until the oem arrives. Guess not. Next time I will LOOK before walk out the door. D'OH!

Thanks again.
You guys should start using Spector for a resource tool. If you go on line and use their on-line catalog they have complete exploded views based on make/model and years. I use it all of the time to verify parts.
Last time I ordered parts from CCOT they sent me a fuel filter for free. Don't think it was OEM but fit perfectly and so far has done it's job perfectly. Also got a calender with scantily dressed women posing by an FJ40 too boot.

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