The Alexander Mackenzie Trail

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Oct 31, 2014
Charlotte, NC
Back story, this is in northern British Columbia, up near Prince George. The trail goes all the way to the Pacific, which was the intent from the Mackenzie expedition, and it is now a pretty awesome trail(s) to do mechanized, or horse, or walk. Pretty intense trails as the blowdown (trees down) can slow progress quite a bit.

I know the crew who did this, trained them south of that area once with a larger group, then in the US for the International 4WD Trainers Association. The 60 is Kim Reeves, President of the 4WD Association of British Columbia (over 3000 members, really amazing club). The white 80 is Chad Achtemichuk, owner or ARC-Offroad school, and Canadian government SARS pilot, pilot instructor, etc. Both are brilliant guys and Toyota fans, good friends. Kim also has an 80 and a 62.

Hope you all enjoy the two part series, I was following the expedition on Garmin Satellite and providing weather info as needed.

Here is the first one, eh?:

I got a debrief on the trip, was over 5 days and lots of rain. They had countless recoveries on stuck situations. The soil gets liquified, sold on the top, but moves like jello on the bottom, some impressive stuff.

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