The 40 is done!


Feb 22, 2002
My 40 is done ...and by that I mean the suspension... and the best of it, it works!

I put front fox air shocks and rear coil springs in the back, front detroit locker in the D60 and rear locked 14 bolt...

When I drove her, she's a different truck.

She's more than what I expected.

My combo of the SM465 and a twin stick NP205 w/ front dig... it works beatiful, at least for me...

the 40 it's great...:grinpimp:

She's a heavy and ugly looking girl but I love her:hillbilly:

it has been an 11 yrs love affair!

I took my son Jonah(oldest) for a ride on the Rio Grand levee with his booster chair when you could actually ride on the levee and not get killed by the drug cartels... all about a block a way from my House in Mexico..

Great memories...Now Jonah can drive the truck

all I need is a cage and some spray paint and Fernie's truck (my son, the lil' one)is done
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