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May 24, 2005
NE Indiana
I just wanted to give Hoosier Cruiser's a shout out for the invite to the Badlands. Lydia and I had a great time, already looking forward to another outing. The new stickers are in place. Huge thanks to the "wheeling veterans" for all of their help!!!
It is much easier for me to prioritize my "to do" list now, starting with Dakkar HD lift and sliders.
Take Care,
You are welcome, we enjoyed haveing the two of you out for the day. Its great to see new people come out and join in on our fun. Hope to see you again soon.

Also wanting to thank all the Cruiser guys. This was my first event since I became a member, WOW, what a blast. Got to meet all the great guys and gals, wheeled my old truck hard as it ever has been wheeled. I had a great time and felt welcomed. My buddy Johnny is already filling out his applications to Hoosier Cruisers and TLCA. We fired his FJ40 up tonight, won't be long now. Can't wait till next time. I'll be requesting the time off soon as I get to work on Monday. I also got about 70 pictures to submit for the Hoosier Cruiser web site. Later, Tony.

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