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Sep 14, 2012
I just wanted to share my appreciation for this website. Long story short. I was away on business for several months. My wife wanted to do something nice for me while I was gone. She took my LC to the dealer and asked them to do whatever maintenance was needed. 100 bucks later they said that all was good. When she told me, I said BS, there's a warped rotor. So, she took it back and they said the rotors were fine. They charged another 100 bucks because they didn't find anything. I read some comments on this site that rear rotors are prone to warping and while I thought that was very unlikely, I put my money where your mouth is and ordered rotors and pads for the rear. Two hours later the brake issues were gone. Thanks.
Yeah, the expertise in this site is outstanding. I had a steering wrack that needed to be replaced and I had not one but two mechanics tell me I needed to replace the axle as well. No bigger pile of bs...
El Cid, who did your steering rack at the end of the day? I think you see Josh at Baer Trax for other mods, but that's not the kind of wrenching he likes. : )
No, I believe it was Mike's off-road in FW. But I did get Josh's opinion, and he told me to stick with the axle. The comedy of it was I had people take a look at the rack and each time they told me I needed to replace the CV boot because it was a) old b) leaking.

They didn't just recommend it, they wrote up an invoice and insisted it needed to be done.

Which was interesting, because Josh had replaced the CV boots the week before..

Goes to show you can kill your reputation pretty quickly...

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