Texting while driving

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Jan 22, 2007
Chesnee, SC
We all know that texting and driving is not a wise thing to do. Personally I do not text at all, nor do I speak on my cell phone while behind the wheel. Today this hit somewhat close to home.
While driving to work this morning my brother in law’s ex wife, the mother of his 11 year old son drove off the road and flipped her car five times and was killed. It was a beautiful sunny morning, the road was dry and not another car anywhere near her. There was a half written text message found on her cell phone and an incoming text message one minute prior to her accident.
Please please please, do not text while driving.
Man - that is sad to hear.
I'm definitely guilty of texting/checking email etc...I need to wise up.
I'll let this be my wake-up call and commit to changing my ways. Thanks Stan and my condolences as well.
Darn Stan sorry to hear about this. But truth is alot of people do it out there and it is not a good thing. I do not allow myself or my wife to talk or text while driving. We will both pull over. I also will not talk to someone while they are driving down the road. Just my families rules we live by.

Sorry again Stan.
Very very sorry to hear this Stan. :( The only time I talk on the phone while driving is if someone calls from a number I recognize, I will answer and tell them I'll call back when I reach my destination, unless it's an emergency. Texting/emailing/browsing while driving is not something anyone should do.

After the recent tornado here, there was a Tundra on display outside a firehouse that had the entire cab smashed by a tree. The sign on it said, "Don't text during a tornado".

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