For Sale Tennessee: 1977 fj55

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United States
Tennessee: 1977 FJ55
A mostly disassembled FJ55 project. Everything disassembled except motor, transfer case, axels and wheels. The Birfield bar, oil pan, motor fan have been replaced with OEM parts. The rocker panels, driver side and passenger side floor pans have been repaired and the main passenger compartment shot with a coat of primer, very little surface rust remaining. Small parts were bagged, tagged, and put into containers as they were removed. The larger parts tagged as well. Other than rusted nuts and bolts, the only know missing part is the air intake boot for the air filter. Before it was disassembled, it was my daily driver.

I would rather sell it as a whole versus parting it out.


Pre Disassembly.JPG
Post Disassembly.jpg
Neat project, wish I had the garage space.

FJ40s lead me to this forum years ago and let me discover the FJ55.

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