Temporary solution for a spare tire

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Jan 5, 2016
Bay Area, CA
Hey folks,

I am taking the family on a road trip vacation next week, and due to a ton of recent work travel I spaced and didn't order a rear bumper with a tire carrier in time. Hasn't been an issue driving around town, but while on vacation next week we are planning to do a couple of day trips into some light trails, so I have to bring my spare with me.

My tires are BFG 305/65 on 18" tundra rims.

The obvious choice is to try and jam it into the spare tire space underneath, which I don't think will work because I have an aftermarket tow hitch and concerned about the cable retainer keeping the extra weight in place reliably. Just for s***s and giggles I am going to try this out tomorrow night to see if it even fits.

The other option is to get this Amazon.com: CURT 31006 Spare Tire Mount: Automotive but lose the ability to open the rear tailgate/hatch, which I will need access to since that's where my dogs ride. This means that every time I need to get the dogs in or out, I have to remove the wheel and the mount which sounds like a huge PITA.

The roof is also not available because of the luggage box with all the kid stuff.

The only viable options at this point is either the spare tire location underneath, or standing it up in the back next to the dogs and using tie downs and stock hooks to tie it down.

Any other suggestions/ideas on what to do?

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Put an OEM-sized tire on it and throw it in the stock location.
I stuff a fully inflated 295/75/16 toyo at2. You can possibly stuff yours deflated and bring along an tank or a compressor.
I'd stuff as big of a tire as you can under the car, carry a good compressor and a tire plug patch kit. 285/75/16 fits with a trailer hitch installed, tire inflated
Going to try the underneath location tonight after work.

Do you guys think the cable retainer is sufficient to carry all the extra weight?
So I got under there tonight and there is no chance anything bigger than the 31" that's there now will fit into the spare space - all because of the tow hitch system.

That cable is looking a bit ragged too but could just be dirt, it is a california truck after all.

Can anyone confirm they have successfully carried something well above the stock spare weight?

@bamabrock - thank you for the link. What is with the motor function paragraph in the description section? Am I missing something - is there really a motor in there??
Strap it down in the back.

You can lay it flat and run a ratchet strap diagonal using the factory tie downs. There is no other real safe way to strap it down in back.

I don't recall anyone losing a spare from the stock location due to cable failure. Seriously, I think you're overthinking it. If you're just planning on mild trails, then put an OEM spare there. You can go a ways with a different sized tire on with no worries (don't use lockers). Likelihood of using is low anyway.
Get a tundra tire/wheel combo off of cl if your spare is already 305. Cheaper than any of your other options, except the stinky one of strapping it down in back. Resell when you get a bumper/permanent solution.
cut that curt hitch mount and weld a hinge and pin to fold it down for trunk access. It will require a strong arm to get the thing folded up and down.
I would say with a patch kit, compressor, AAA membership, and good karma on board you'll be fine without a spare on mild trails. I would rather be stuck for a few hours than worry that the spare I compromised on was going to destroy a diff, or worse come bouncing through the cabin if something happened on the highway.

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