TBI vs carb rebuild?

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Apr 4, 2004
I know this has been rehashed, but I'm looking for specific opinions - especially from Jim C. and Mark @ Mark's Off Road - regarding the wisdom of rebuilding a FJ60 carb VS changing to TBI. I have a rebuildable TBI from the PO and am wondering what to do with my 60. It runs great right now... but is also running very rich and needs a rebuild. It is in TN (near that guy in KY who does TBI conversions - sorry for foergetting his name) but I also live in LA and could toss it to Mike's shop from my window. Thanks in advance for the insight.
TBI is better than any carb, once it is completed and dialed-in.

But carburetor R&R is a 30 minute swap.

Do you just want to fix what is there?
Or do you want to embark on a project to improve the truck?

That's my opinion. You have to decide what you want to do with the truck.
By LA you mean Louisiana?

Were it not for CARB (california air resources board), there would be little hesitation on my part to install a TBI. Here, not only must the vehicle pass emissions for the year of EFI equipment used which must be of the same year or newer than the vehicle, it must also be certified by a referee. Not impossible but a bigger risk of not qualifying.

If you have the system and you're not hindered by government, I'd seriously consider the change.

You're running rich at the moment. What a well tuned "closed loop" EFI system will do at it's basic level is adjust and maintain air/fuel delivery to run at the optimum 14.7~1 mix.


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