TB-307 Turbo Timer vs Remote Starter - something is shorting out, any ideas

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Mar 5, 2009
North of W6M
I`m looking for some advice on my TB-307 Turbo Timer. I have a remote starter installed on my 3.0 ltr 1993 Hilux Surf SSR-G (which I`ve owned for 3 whole days now!). I set the timer before I go to switch off the truck and nothing, it doesn`t kick in and the truck just shuts off. If I use my remote starter - the turbo timer switches itself on and only runs the truck for whatever time the timer was set for - so I get to the truck and it shuts off. Very counter productive! Has anyone experienced a similar problem, thanks
Not sure on your specific issue with the 2 components and how they interact, but is th eTurbo Timer e-brake input correct? I'm pretty sure turbo timers need to see a ground input (e-brake) to work properly.

Worst case, disconnect one or the other and see what happens, which one works or neither

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