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Nov 25, 2007
Kernersville, NC
Brought it home from East Coast Gear Supply a few weeks back, had Chase and Jon do several projects I never had time for!


All told:

New Crossover steering along with an IFS steering box, AND ram assist!!

When they lifted the truck, my front driveshaft fell into two pieces, just too short, so I had them install the Trail Gear long travel too!

Finally... no pictures, but had them install 4.7 gears in my tcase!! (3.93 x 4.7 x 5.29 = 98ish to 1!!) That should help quite a bit, basically much harder to stall it out...someday I may decide to go with a 2nd case, but only if really needed.

I had picked up a Warn 8274 as well (LOVE the rebuild thread btw) and had them build a mount. At some point I will be cutting up my grill and putting it back on the front and cutting / welding my front bumper to fit the winch mount as well.

Meanwhile....time to go wheeling! Heading down to URE tomorrow, will be riding with the Carolina Trailblazers.

Hope to catch you folks soon!
Nice! that should be a fun lil rig there sam.
Very cool Sam, Im digging the color scheme.
I was originally going to do the older Ivan Stewart / baja colors, but just decided I didn't not want to drive an orange and yellow truck.

However he / TRD moved to the white / silver / red / black scheme so I decided to go in that direction as well.

I have two TRD OFFROAD stickers getting made now for the rear corners of bed.

I will add some stickers as well, and possibly the little TRD emblems, etc. Basically going for the "Race Truck" look.

Hopefully I will start driving this to work some now as well, but really need to fix the a/c first.

Great bob job!!!!!!!!!!
Very sharp likey.
Previous owner is a welder by trade and man the welds on the bob was purty!! He needed a bigger rig so his boys could all go with him, but they were ticked when he sold it to me!

Planning on picking it up at Dads Saturday, taking it home and starting to drive it back and forth to work some during the summer. I have a set of tube doors for it, sunroof and the split rear window so lots of air flow!!

Next project is to do a motor mount lift to match the body lift and give me some clearance between my oil pan and the crossover / hydro steering ram. I dented the oil pan nicely coming up Daniel!

Will have to check the ONSC calendar to see if I can make a ride soon!

Wow this is a smokin rig, looks great.
Are you going to the CTB ride in July?

Not this year... I am making myself a promise though to hit it next year, been too long!! Prob will do the Fun Caravan in Sept and I am thinking Dixie Run!
Some further updates!! I took the Bondota up to our property in Caswell County and while out working on some trails, the tcase got into 2wd LOW and the rig walked sideways until I was in a tree pretty good!
crunch 800.jpg

Dad has some more picture of the repair stripped down, but this area had been bondo'd previously and really held up!! I know there is concern when using bondo for this type of stuff that it will "pop out" in just such a case but it held up great!

Dad spent about 1/2 day on it yesterday, I could not believe how good / quick he is! The pictures don't do it justice, he is priming it today to see what (if any) more needs to be worked before repainting.

uncrunch part 1 800.jpg
uncrunch door 800.jpg

It really is kinda amazing, most of the modern body guys never bother to do this stuff anymore, they just slap on parts off the shelf. This is old school, and rougher than we would do for a resto but perfect for a "beater" truck!
crunch 800.jpg
uncrunch part 1 800.jpg
uncrunch door 800.jpg
After wheeling with you guys and hanging out some, I have gotten more into the "restoration" type mood! My 85 currently has the 22r (carb) motor that the previous owner spent quite a bit of time modding, new camshaft, bored out, "head work", headers and a HUGE carb!

Basically he built it as a "race" engine... and that is cool, but I personally bought a Toyota because I wanted something dead reliable to start, run, etc. (Race engines are not that)

SO... decided to upgrade. If a diesel had dropped in my lap, mighta gone that route but for $250, I picked up an 88 pickup that has been pretty well stripped but has the 22RE (fuel injected) engine and harness/computer, etc.


Tranny and tcase are gone, rear leafs were missing, axle is literally strapped to the frame and the frame itself was so rusted it broke behind the rear axle when loading it on my trailer. (Which was good, it was in the way) Cab is "ok" a few minor rust issues, had good front/rear glass so we are gonna keep it around just in case.

Dad had already pulled the engine when I got there yesterday, I took these pictures earlier in the day, we finished the night by getting it mounted on the engine stand.

engine rear 800.jpg
engine efi side 800.jpg

I have never rebuilt an engine before, I really am looking fwd to this, engines and trannys are the only thing I am not really comfortable with on a vehicle.

Goal is to rebuilt the 22RE to make it as factory as possible. I want this truck to start and just PURR... I will end up rebuilding the tranny too, and I am "twin stick"ing the transfer case so 1 stick will do 2wd/4wd, and the other will be High / Low (4.7)
engine efi side 800.jpg
engine rear 800.jpg
The one big thing i learned building a 22r was to use stock Toyota timing parts and make sure that cover is not ate up really bad with gouges from where a chain has been run loose. Those are the key things i remember from building them. Sure more will pop up and someone else will have other things to bring up.
Pretty cool.
I'm going to be inheiriting a 2wd 92 with a 22RE soon that I will be converting to 4wd (solid axle) and then slowly building it up.
Pretty cool.
I'm going to be inheiriting a 2wd 92 with a 22RE soon that I will be converting to 4wd (solid axle) and then slowly building it up.

Nice, one of the 4x4 mags did that recently, 2wd Taco, did the SFA and tcases, etc! Their point was that 2wd Tacos were MUCH cheaper and tcases were pretty cheap, and IFS was going to go to waste anyway!!

Will keep this thread updated, thinking I will redo the interior as well, get the a/c up and running, etc. Also eyeballing one of these for my bed / to sleep in on the OBX and similar trips! I have a really nice 6" thick foam mattress that fits between the wheel wells, we used to camp in the back of dads old nissan pickup years ago!

Camp-Right Truck Tent For 5-6' Compact Pickup Truck Bed - eBay (item 390083876791 end time Sep-18-09 11:29:42 PDT)

Of course I have to ask...Does the Girl come with it?

That is a great idea. I imagine not the best for those hurricanes that we expericned last year in Cullowhee but for most other situations would be the cats meow. I have seen blow up mattreses for trucks that curve around the wheel weels so you can fill the entire bed with uber comfortable air instead of steel. They seemed to all be for full size trucks though.
Nice, one of the 4x4 mags did that recently, 2wd Taco, did the SFA and tcases, etc! Their point was that 2wd Tacos were MUCH cheaper and tcases were pretty cheap, and IFS was going to go to waste anyway!!

Yeah I think I saw that one. Everytime it is brought up though people think i'm crazy. But the reality is that i'm getting the truck for free, I couldn't actually sell it for much as it is already beat up, it is easier to SFA a 2wd truck than a IFS 4x4 truck and mini truck t-cases, axles and trannies are dirt cheap

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