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Jan 16, 2011
Manila, Philippines
I recently purchased a complete Tacho at ebay Australia for my 1984 Bj45 Troopy. I need some background information on how it works. I going to have it installed by a mechanic. Just want to know how it works. My troopy has a 2H diesel engine with a 5 speed transmission. I had the bell housing checked and there is a hole to put in the tach sensor. My first question is; is the tach sensor for a 2H different from the tach sensor of a 3B? Cruiser parts sells one tach sensor for for both diesel engines while SOR sells tach sensor separately for each 2H and 3B! I have a tach sensor but don't know if it will fit my 2H engine. Second, my mechanic said the flywheel of my troopy should have a magnet in order for the tacho to read the rpms. Is this true? Don't know if the flywheel of my troopy has one. What else do I need to know? Don't want to put a hole in my dash board and later find out the tacho is not working! Any help/ input would be much appreciated. Thanks

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