T-Maxx dual battery controller mod


Jan 26, 2020
Moore, Oklahoma (South OKC)
I'm curious if anybody has modified the system to where it only works when you push the manual link button on the controller instead of it automatically linking the systems together when the voltage gets high enough?.

Let me explain a little more I currently have three optima yellow top batteries in the back of my 1999 Land cruiser 100 series to power a 3500 watt inverter. I just purchased two 100 amp hour lithium batteries so I'm going to run the 40 amp DC to DC charger from Redarc. Their battery charger does not have a bleed back or reverse feature where I can jump start the main battery if I forget to turn off the headlights and run the main battery low. Surely there's some way I can modify the existing system I have to give me that feature.

If that's not clear enough to understand please ask me for more details

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