Swapping engines in a 1991 FJ80

Aug 20, 2003
A good friend of mine has his eye on a 1991 FJ80 that still looks and seems to drive like new. But he's worried about the 190K miles that are on it. He's wondering if/when the 4.0 goes out on him, if it's possible to drop in a FZJ80 engine in it without to much mod. He's thinking it would be nice to the added horse power of the 4.5 liter. Anyone have any ideas?
Aug 29, 2002
Port of Indecision...otherwise Northern Arizona
If your buddy doesn't like the power of the 3FE, he would probably be better off finding a 93+. While I'm sure that the swap is possible, with the prices of the FZJ80s coming down significantly, It'd be easier just to buy one with the 1FZE engine.

A V8 swap is probably more viable in the 91. However, a lot of us here have 180+ miles on our rigs, and no worries....so if the price is right he might get in one hell of a cruiser for cheap!

Mar 31, 2003
Phoenix Oregon
well been there thought about that.
now have 175k on my 92, my plan and mock me if you will is to have my salvage yard buyers start looking for a 93-97 with e lockers that I can hook up with. This way I can have the engine and the locking axles there and play to my hearts content. shouldnt be a problem given enough time and #6.
as to swapping a 1fze in hilltoppers on the ball here. for the cost of a 1fze even used you can have a 5.7 litre vortec to throw in there. as far as concerned on the mileage wait till you hit 225k to start worrying. That is when I plan on looking for a salvage rig to pillage.

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