For Sale SW Colorado 1965 Moab Ready FJ 40

Vehicle Model
  1. 40 Series
United States
I built this cruiser for my personal use when I started and operated Wolf Creek Rod Works in Pagosa Springs. I sold the company some years back and it has since gone out of business. I used this Cruiser annually at Cruise Moab for fun and business. I just don't use it enough anymore to keep it. It drove to Moab, not a trailer queen. It's not fancy with pristine body work. It's meant to be used on the trail, but does fine at 65 mph. $39,000.00. Send me an email, if interested.

List of parts:
1965 FJ 40 Land Cruiser

Items (not in any order):

1. Original 1965 Body with Factory style soft top and Soft doors. 1964 Front Bezel (Land Cruiser). Drop down Tail gate. 1978 Firewall.

2. 1978 Chassis

3. Warn 8000 lb inline winch

4. Round Eyes Headlights

5. Driving lights

6. Winch Anchors front and rear

7. Stinger

8. FJ 40 Front Springs shackle reversed and center pin reversed.

9. FJ 60 front/rear axle housings.

10. Stock Front Disc Brakes, Rear disc Brake conversion. 1978 Vacuum Booster with Dual MC

11. Front springs outboarded for FJ 60 Axle

12. FJ 60 power steering

13. FJ 55 Rear springs, moved back in Chassis

14. Full ¼ skid plate under transmission and transfer case.

15. Griffin 2X 1 in aluminum radiator 19X 27 inches, cross flow

16. Dual 12 inch Spal Fans, independently controlled, one intake manifold temp, one outlet of radiator temp. Switch controlled manual override for off and on.

17. Chevrolet 350 STD Bore,

18. Throttle Body Fuel Injection

19. Ram Horns Exhaust Manifold

20. Dual Yellow top Batteries, solenoid isolated.

21. Medium size ARB Compressor

22. ARB Air Lockers Front and Rear, 4:56 Gears

23. SM 420 Transmission

24. Ranger OD in front of Transmission 30% Overdrive, synchronized.

25. Orion Transfer Case, 4-1 Ratio (Crawl Ratio 128 to 1)

26. Tom Woods Drive Shafts, CV in rear, offset U joint in front (spare front shaft with standard U Joint for vibration on road), long travel splines on front

27. Full Cage with frame ties.

28. Summit Racing bucket Seats. Tubular seat frame

29. Tuffy locking center console

30. Two tuffy locking side consoles with speakers and amplifier.

31. Overhead Cobra CB

32. Overhead Yaesu 2 Meter radio

33. 1974 synchronized two speed wipers

34. Defrost vents modified to allow dropping the Windshield without removal of defrost vents.

35. American Autowire wiring. Secondary Fuse panel for Accessories.

36. Stereo, Satellite radio. Two Six by Nine speakers and amplifier.

37. Stewart Warner Instruments (speedo/tach/four gauges)

38. Custom rocker switch panel. Custom radiator fan control (on-off-auto) and custom driving lights (on-off-with dimmer), winch in/out, ARB compressor, Front/rear

39. Large early fuel tank, outboard fuel pump

40. Bilstein Long action shocks, tubular front upper shock mounts.

41. Front, center and rear rock lights.

42. Five 12:50X15X37 Trxus MT. 15X8 Black Steel Wheels

43. Manafre Rear Tire Carrier

44. Custom frame tied Sliders

45. Superwinch front hubs.

46. Rear Traction Bar.

48. Original Heater.

49. CS 144 200 Amp Alternator

50. Bikini top

51. Spare front Birfields axles complete.

52. Escort Speed Detector

53. 1978 FJ40 Steering Column and Wheel






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