Super Annoying Squeak Fixed!

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Looking for the end of the road...
May 25, 2008
Federal Way, WA
I bought my 100 mid Jan and a couple weeks later is started to develop an annoying squeak in the rear while driving. It was most notable when coming to a complete stop, and taking off from a complete stop.

The one thing I knew for sure was it was due to lack of lubrication somewhere. The reason being when I drove in heavy rain and/or went through the car wash the squeak was temporarily gone. Water acted like a short term lubricant.

I was pretty sure it was in the rear suspension, and was planning on installing a OME lift so I waited. Installed the lift and no change.

Next I thought it might be in the rear bumper, something loose of rubbing.

Then last Monday while working on installing my CB antenna I had the rear tail gate down and was putting weight on it and noticed a squeak. After a little more investigation I found I could easily make the rear tail gate squeak by putting load on it and taking it off, much like coming to a stop/start while driving.

So, grabbed a bottle of silicon spray and hosed down the tail gate hinges and voilà, squeak solved!

So, in short, if you have a squeak in the rear check those tail gate hinges.
You're a supper annoying squeak and I hope you get fixed! :flipoff2:

this thread has officially been killed.:lol: I'm surprised the tailgate moves enough while driving that it requires lube, you might want to tighten up that back end.
First thing I did was tighten the hinge bolts of the tail gate, they were plenty tight.

I thought the same, but lube and the squeak was gone. Can't argue with results!

P.S. :flipoff2:

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