sunday (afternoon) wheeling

Jan 21, 2005
Powell River, BC
Well I actually managed to get out for a change. These last minute excursions are always a little chaotic, as the hastily arranged trip with Aaron (pradot) didnt work out. Cell reception was a bit spotty, but most of the time it had a couple bars.
The gate bypass through the trees was a bit soupy, but nothing too exciting. I had the whole mountain to myself pretty much, one lone dirt biker and 2 hikers on their way down were the only people I encounterd going up.
I took the 'hard' road up, which was a lot drier than I excepted after all this rain, but right where it joins back up with the lower 'easy' road, the bridge is washed out and without a winch I was not attempting it.
While assessing my options at the washed bridge, the dirt biker informed that snow about 1km past the bridge was stopping anyones progress up to the lookout anyways. I turned around, explored a couple overgrown side roads, tried climbing a large rockface at the end of one road, then decided to quit while I was ahead and head for home and watch the game.
Where the pavement starts by the water tower, there was a fellow from BC4x4 heading up in his RHD hilux. We chatted a bit and he mentioned he recently bought a 77 bj40, i forgot to talk to him about Cruiser days tho.
I wasnt quite finished playing I guess, because as I got out of the trees towards the powerlines, I had an urge to flex the V8 out in the mud a bit, when I noticed a blue 60 meandering around. It was Mat out relaxing after a hard days work :)
We chatted a bit and then both headed out, our afternoon at Eagle done.

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