Sun roof drains: rear?

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Sep 20, 2003
Was looking for the sun roof drains on the '03, while chasing a leak (that turned out to be somebody not closing the sunroof properly it seems...). The ones up front are obvious. I don't remember, are there also some in the rear?
Yup. 4 drains total. Rear come out by the rear tires I reckon. Don't remember exactly where. I'm leaking too, but I think it's my windshield >.<

Damn you, safelite! Could also be my racks. Which were removed and reinstalled when I had some rust taken care of on my roof. Leaks are the worst!

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The rear drains are hard to get to. I still haven't found them or a way to make sure they work.
I did locate the tubes running behind the 3rd row side panels from above the back door ceiling panel.
My tubes were compressed at the trim but still "looked" functional but I never was able to find anything more.
I didn't locate my drains by sight. I squirted water in the tracks of my sunroof while parked in my driveway. Water flowed back and out of rear drains. I was confirming they worked. And because they worked, I saw where they exit. Squirt some water down there! You'll either find your leak, or rule out the drains as the problem.

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I squirted water up there and it only drained out the front. My driveway is flat LOL.
I guess I will use a jack next time.
Apparently, it's a roof head lining removal to see them....

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