Sep 11, 2002
Fort Worth, TX
okay, I'm about to blow my truck up. Its pissing me off so much. When i was changing out my rotor i decided I would replace the three studs that needed to be replaced. two of them had messed up threads and the third was broke off. anyway, All four parts shops in Longview texas have tried to sell me a stud that is too big. I bought the first 3 from advanced auto. I pounded and pounded but to no avail. I brought them back, the dude got out his caliper, and said, "Yeah they are a little big, but they are sopposed to be this big to make sure they are tight. If you cant pound hard enough, bring them to a shop and have them pressed in." So i took the rotor/hub and the three studs to the 4 wheel drive shop this morning and they tried and tried to get them in. They told me that they were too big and that if they pushed any harder it would crack the hub. So what the heck do i do? They will NOT go in no matter how big my BFH is. Do you think that dealership will have the correct ones? Or do i have the correct one?
Apr 20, 2003
I agree your local dealer should be able to get them or call sor.

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