Stuck center diff

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May 20, 2019
Omaha Nebraska
I have an '03 GX470 and I engaged the center locking diff yesterday to see its functionality, when I hit the button again to disengage, the diff locking light just flashes and never goes off. I am assuming this means it is stuck trying to disengage? Any way to fix this and prevent it for the future?

Depends on what the issue is, sometimes it'll hang and you can put the gear selector in neutral at low speed and it'll turn off. Sometimes switching between drive and reverse and just letting it roll will solve it.

If something's messed up it may not fully disengage. Could also be full of gear oil from the notorious internal leak and not wanting to move.
I have not tried to disengage while rolling but I have driven it in reverse and forward and then I tried to disengage it while stopped and it did not work. I just got this vehicle about 2 weeks ago and I doubt that the lock was ever used because this thing is bone stock.
AVOID using it locked on pavement. I have locked two center diffs, one may fault - the other, well, was my fault too. (dang button is easy to hit) lucky I had read on a 4runner or other forum a day or two before that if you run reverse figure 8's in the dirt (or pavement if necessary), that action will free up the center diff from its binding position. turn the GX off and on a few times, repeat. took me three tries and it worked. Lesson to me, never drive on pavement with center locked.

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