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Sep 3, 2013
Lake Tahoe
Does anyone here ride? I have parking and VIP passes that I won't be using if anyone wants to go. I went yesterday too many terrible riders not paying attention to what they are doing for me! It seems everywhere I go the last couple days they are scooping another bike up off the highway and I continue to see guys splitting lanes on cutting off cars on 900 lb baggers that are not exactly stealthy by any means! Well there is my rant and if anyone still has ANY interest in going send me a PM and is will make arrangements to get you set up!




Yup, I've seen lots of guys this week who look like they rented a bike for the event. IMHO if you don't feel comfortable at a stop light holding the bike up you probably shouldn't be riding it on the freeway.

Edit:By way of qualification, my only ride for a few years down in Vegas was a bike.
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It has been real bad this year, keeping EMS busy, they are scaring me and I'm driving my crew cab, most of the people I see need a riders class bad, and don't need to be on a 900lb Harley, They don't even have the basics saw one try and stop in the grease strip at a stop light and almost dump it...

I sold my bmw last year because I wasn't riding as much as I used too, had 43k on it when I sold it.

ask Keith why he sold his, something about working this weekend a few years ago....

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