Street tires F/S, offering them to WCLC first (1 Viewer)

Jul 30, 2007
I stuck a new set of tires on the 80 today, figured id see if anybody here needs a set of street tires. I pulled off what were essentially brand new Wild Country Sport HT's, they barely had 3K miles on them and they are rated at 65K. Minus the tread patch, all the nipples are even still on them. They arent to big, 265/75-16's, but they are a really nice highway tire.

$200 for the set of 4 for anybody on here before they go on craigslist.
Dec 1, 2006
Tinley Park, IL
negative on the yanking. Today I will be picking up one of two vehicles. One will need tires and the other potentially may need tires. Wont know till I see them in person. Ill know for sure by 8pm tonight.

Just to be a safe buyer, could you show me the tread depth using a coin? I dont want to get taken for a ride.:flipoff2:

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