Strange Sound When Running Wipers on FJ60

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May 23, 2019
San Carlos,CA
Just bought this one and just got repair manual so doing all I can to learn more about the FJ60, but if anyone has come across this noise and what it might be would appreciate any info. Kind of a grinding type noise as wiper goes into intervals, sounds like coming from up under the fuse box areas to the left of steering wheel up underneath. Attaching a link to video you can hear.
I can't really tell from the vid but it *might* be the linkage needs lube and/or the plastic bushings have crumbled. Common. Search for what other people have done and I believe there's some links in the FAQ.

Also, Trail Tailer @TRAIL TAILOR has a trick fix for that on his website.

The plastic bushings are not available, but you can still buy a new linkage setup, I believe, but it's $$.

That’s your wiper relay gears sticking. Pull the relay box (black in the back), open it up, and lube the gears with a multipurpose oil (I used 3-in-one).

Can't believe I've suffered that annoying noise for so long when this fix was so easy.
Also, I had to clean corrosion off the electrical contacts inside (they will be obvious when you open it up) to make mine work.
A Dremel rotary with a wire brush bit and contact cleaner did mine right.
Then lube the gears .

Another worthwhile quest is to remove the wiper motor and linkage from the cowl, clean out 40 years of crap from inside there with a blow gun, vacuum, whatever, then inspect, repair, clean and lube the wiper linkage as needed. Reassemble and be good for another 40 years.
Just finished a full resto so it's pretty clean in there. I actually replaced the motor thinking that was the problem...waste of $$$

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