Stock spare tire holder question

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Aug 15, 2005
San Diego, CA
I bought aftermarket rims and tires (5 of them) and I want to keep the spare 33 x 12.5" in the spare tire holder. I know that the spare tire hangs down a little bit, but I'm not too keen on the way the apparatus at the end of the chain holds up the new wheel. I know it was made to hold the factory rims. It doesn't have the right shape to hold the new wheel up as secure as I would like it.

Have you guys done anything special to get your spare to sit nicely and not slide around? Or do you just tighten it as tight as you can get it with the crank? I just don't want to see my spare fall off behind me on the freeway.
On mine, there is a tab with a hole in it that sticks up through one of the wheel stud holes in the rim. I think this is for a pad lock to lock the wheel onto the holder. This might at least keep it from falling all the way off. When I put my 33x12.5 underneath, I crank it up tight. Although, most of the time the tire mounts inside the back. I also have a bumper mount for when I'm on a trip. Now-a-days I only put the tire down below if I need the space in the back but don't want to use the bumper mount (like if I'm hauling sheets of plywood)...

I'm a little confused why the holder doesn't work with your rims. Is the hole in the center of the rim a different size than stock?
The hole in the center is the same size that fits around the locking part of the hubs. I have the tab with a hole in it that goes through one of the wheel studs. But the other side has an L shaped lip that sticks up and doesn't fit in any hole on the other side, nor in the big 3" hole in the center of the wheel. So, it holds the wheel a little funny, since it's like sticking your thumb in one of the holes of a bowling ball and pressing only one other finger on the side of the ball. Add vibration and it's hard to keep the ball from spinning or moving about on your hand. I'm just thinking there may be a better way to hold the wheel in and wondering what everyone else is doing.
That aint right. I took a picture of mine. you have to start by putting the whole piece through the center hole. capture one side of the center hole with the L shaped piece. put the tab with the whole through one of the lug nut holes. Both sides of the center hole should be supported by the piece...HTH.

Edit--I'll bet your rim is too thick for the L shape to fit around it?
stock tire winch.jpg
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Good picture 2mbb. You see that little tab that just hooks to the opposite side? It doesn't do that on my rim. You are right!! My rim is too thick at that section. At least now I know what the original intent of that spare tire holder is.

Has anyone done anything different?
cut the L-shape tab off and weld on a longer one, or just try straightening it out. I'm not sure the L shape does much for you once the wheel is up and tight. If it were straight (vertical) it would still keep the holder from rotating underneath the tire and if it were all tight, I wouldn't expect the holder to jump out.

The 80-series has a similar holder but they have two part numbers, one for steel and one for aluminum wheels. Maybe the different is a longer L tab for the aluminum wheel.

The 100-series has a holder without the L shaped tab (or so it appears from the crappy parts diagram). However, this holder doesn't appear to use a chain, and it looks like it requires a different type of tool to raise/lower the tire.

I have no idea whether the bolt pattern on either the 80- or 100-series matches the bolt pattern on the 60-series.

Try a post over in the 80's section and see if you can get someone to give you either the thickness of their rims or the height of the L shaped tab. Then you can post in parts wanted for a used one--some of the guys take off the OEM tire carrier once they got to a bumper mount...good luck.
Bolt pattern should be the same for the 80 and 100 series. 6 x 5.5.

I'll try bending the L tab to straighten it out first.

Thanks for the help, 2mbb!
As far as I know, the 100 series uses a five bolt wheel, not six, but that's not the bolt pattern I was referring to. If you were to find an 80- or 100-series tie carrier, I don't know if it would bolt right onto the crossmember support of your 60. Sorry for the confusion.

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