For Sale Stock FJ60 Leaf Springs in Seattle/Tacoma area

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Dec 28, 2010
Vashon, WA, USA
United States
I just replaced the springs on my '85 FJ60 with OMEs, and I figured somebody might want my old ones for an SOA, or to make their own all-factory-spring-rate AALs.

No pictures yet (but I'll probably get some up either tonight or tomorrow morning)...

Fronts have only a very slight sag vs. original spec (maybe half an inch), rears are juuuust sagged to flat. For what it's worth, I had no trouble fitting 32x10.5 super swampers under my rig with these springs.

Only very light surface rust/patina (yay for no salt on the roads in WA), no broken leafs, and rode very soft and flexy before I took them off. The bushings are basically shot, but it would be kind of crazy to expect any different from 31-year-old rubber, right?

No shackles/other hardware available because I reused all of it.

Hoping to get $150 for all four, or $50 per corner if you don't want all four springs. I might also accept trades of camping gear or (long shot) rigid foam insulation, or possibly tools (wouldn't hurt to ask me).

Located on Vashon Island, WA, but I could probably lug them across the ferry to Fauntleroy in West Seattle, Pt. Defiance in Tacoma, or the Southworth dock on the peninsula. I'd really, really prefer not to ship them. If you come to get the springs instead of making me carry them across the ferry, I'll probably make you a better deal on the price.

If nobody buys these, at least two of the springs are going to get turned into a giant crossbow that can be tensioned with a hi-lift, so please consider making an offer to protect whatever ends up downrange.
This is how they look:


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